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Water Softeners

Water Softners

Industrial Water Softners                                                                          Domestic Water Softners

AQUA CARE ENGINEERINGTM is innovation and unmatched quality, our water softener plants are carving a niche in this highly competitive market. Moreover, portable, easy to move from one place to another, our plants involves less effort in terms of installation and maintenance. Our product has found innumerous use in industries like Chemical, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical & Dyes, Irrigation & Filtration, Chemical Process, Textile, Color, Sugar, Dairy, Cement & Power Plant, etc. to cope up the problems like Scale build-up in pipes, resulting in decreased flow rates, Scale build-up on heating and cooling systems, leading to increased electricity costs and breakdowns, White film on glass surfaces and staining on water taps, Increased laundry costs due to hard water reacting with soap and laundry detergents. As one of the leading drinking water softening plant manufacturers based in India, we make our products available to our customers’ at the most affordable price range. 
Apartment Buildings
Office Buildings
Nursing Homes
Car Washes
Beauty Shops
Boiler Feed Water